Strategy, design, coding

Hello, Thomas Walter is a digital design studio that helps to create interactive ideas, creative moments and corporate websites for small and big business. The digital design studio was founded in 2014 by Thomas Walter.

01 Strategy Research Brand Strategy Content Strategy Storytelling Mockups

02 Design User Interface Design User Experience Design Interaction Design Content Creation Concept Development

03 Technology Responsive Grids Usability Testing Front End Development HTML / CSS JQuery Development

04 Content Testing Performance Check Support Maintenance Modification

Play Records
Back in the 80‘s
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Jumpy Slider
Celebrate the iconics
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2 Blocks
Present the team
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Image Mask
Animals at risk
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10 things you‘ll like about me..
I care about my work, my clients, and each other
My philosophy is to keep things simple and clickable
A Creative, UI/UX Designer, Developer and Workaholic
With more than over 15 years of experience
Founder of the digital design studio thomas walter
A father of two wonderful, almost grown up girls!
I drink my coffee black, and most of the time cold
My dress code is sneakers, jeans and headphones
falls nötig, kann ich auch in meiner Muttersprache
You will find me right here, at the heart of Zurich
That‘s me...
Thank you all
+79 206 00 94 Thomas Walter
Mutschellenstrasse 55
8038 Zürich