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Words are flowing out just like the Grand Canyon

Beastie Boys — Hey Ladies

Thomas Walter

I´m a problem solver, strategic thinker, design fanatic, tech enthusiast and father with a passion for good design, music and sneakers. I have more than ten years of professional experience in both design and technical development, as well as creative team management. As designer and developer, I work hard so that both disciplines harmony together. My strengths are visual presentation and functional prototyping.
A creative thinker, designer & frontend developer I help brands and organizations to deliver creative ideas regardless of their size. I believe that design should be simple and have a purpose beyond profit. I like to work with like-minded people to create work I can be proud of.

Music & Audio

I develop audio and video content for brands.

Because Recollection

Great work!! The interactive journey through ten years of sound and artworks — by Paris.84.
I understand your goal, design your brand and maintain it sustainably.

Resn´s Little Helper

Meet an elf, some ’shrooms and a flute. Merry Christmas — by Resn.

When I‘m not working

You'll find me cooking, eating or exercising in the park. I'm a music lover, design and film freak, mac enthusiast, black coffee drinker, sneakers collector, vespa driver and father of two almost grown up girls.

From strategy to the final upload

Every project I work on is unique but my approach is always the same. At the heart of each phase lies a transparent and iterative process that starts with your business objectives and ends with a satisfied user.


Enjoy! Ouigo is an crazy and very playful pinball game — by Merci-Michel.
I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive interface designs.

Don't need your foul play

Sophie Ellis Bextor — Get over you

Falter Inferno

Scroll different slides and enjoy all the animation layers — by Wild/JvM.

Animals at risk — Microsite

Web Design & Frontend Development

Up—to—date with the latest Web trends, techniques and technologies.

One person — many disciplines

I can build a basic conception of a project, and complete the whole design and development related work. I understand the whole process. I‘m aware of business aspects and the technology behind. This will make all cooperation more efficient, reduce rework and unexpected situations. That's pretty efficient.

New York, London, Paris, Munich Everybody talk about Pop Muzik

M Factor — Pop Muzik

Tony D‘Orio

A smart interactive experience playing with grids and images — by Hello Monday.

Creative Strategy

First—rate communication skills and experience in collaborating with different hierarchy levels.
I can build fancy stuff — what? that depends on you My work brings solutions for mobile, tablet and desktop — regardless of their size.


A candy store for book aficionados and e—commerce site of the year — by Build in Amsterdam.

User Experience Design

Strong believing in design thinking and user—centered design.

What I got you got to give it to your mamma

RHCP — Give it away

Creative Direction

Curious and with an eye for the whole. I design brands, services, products and make ideas come alive.

Celebrate 15 Years Nike SB Dunk.

Image & Video Content Creation

Transforming ideas (sometimes boring ones) into thrilling moving images.
At home in Zurich Thomas Walter
8038 Zürich
079 206 00 94

FC Tschuten Adliswil goes online

Responsive portfolio v1

Now, what you hear is not a test I'm rappin' to the beat

The Sugarhill Gang — Rappers Delight

Endless Stories

This interactive film is entirely made with photos and videos — by Getty Images.

Slide Out Box Menu

Von Allmen Treuhand

Moments of Happiness

A series of playful WebGL experiments that will make you smile — by Epic.

Content Management System

Safe in dealing with common web tools and technologies and no fear of new tools.

Colorful product slider shows collection of sitbags

Being multi disciplined is a big part of my ethos. Whether it‘s strategy, design, development, video or UX.

Toro Clean AG

We've got a passion, it's called peace

Kruder & Dorfmeister — Eastwest [Stoned Together]

Gotta make a move to a town that's right for me

Lipps Inc — Funkytown

Interaction & Interface Design

Mocking up and prototyping new functionality, visualizations and applications.