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Gorillaz —

Featuring The One And Only Grace Jones

I‘m Thomas —

Nice To Meet You. It's About To Get Personal

Thomas Walter Is A Digital Design Studio I create digital ideas, products and experiences for small and large companies, without the creative agency price tag. Up to the present day — everything I do comes from one hand, that is quite efficient!

Skills Table Tennis —

Honestly, I Don‘t Think That My Table Tennis Is That Bad ;)

Seal —

A Timeless Track About The Human Being

Quartiertreff —

A New Responsive Website For The Beautiful Kids Place
Visit site Quartiertreff


And Help The Doctors Without Borders
Visit site MSF

Tears For Fears —

Their Debut Album From 1981 Still Rocks My Heart

I Make Design —

I Make Unique User Experience That Works Best For Each Project

I Make Strategy —

I Help You Shape Perspectives For A Better Storytelling

David Bowie —

Thanks for So Many Great Memories!

The Real Question Is, What Don't I Do? For starters, I don't do connections such as payment systems, booking systems, reservation systems and/or domain reservation. —

Turn Up Your Volume For The Best Experience
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Nike —

A Landing Page To Celebrate 15 Years Of SB Dunk
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Awwwards —

Find More Information About Their Coming Live Events
Visit site Next Event

Awwwards —

Looking For A Place Were All Great Talents Come Together
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Grandmaster Flash —

It's Like A Jungle Sometimes, It Makes Me Wonder...

LinkedIn —

Let‘s Connect On
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Skills Photoshop —

With Photoshop I Make The Content World Look Better

Von Allmen —

A Web Redesign For The Traditional Trust Company
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I Can Build Fancy Stuff If You Want Unfortunately, most people stick to the same old routine design instead of doing things different and get more attention— but if you really insist— I do it!

Unsplash —

Find Beautiful High Quality Free Images And Photos For Your Next Project
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FC Tschuten —

The Website For FC Tschuten Is My Next Project

Stereo MC‘s —

Boy... I Do Really Like This Song

Skills Sketch —

I Handle Sketch Well. But Being A Part Coder Makes That Step Not Absolutely Necessary

Sneakers Freak —

Not Without My Sneakers — I Wear My Sneakers Every Day

I Make Development —

As Coder And Designer, I Work Hard So That Both Disciplines Harmony Together

Faithless —

And One Of The Most Significant And Celebrated Sports Figures

Version1 —

My Previous Digital Design Studio Site
Visit site Version1

Skills HTML/CSS —

I Build Unique And Responsive User Experience

Toro Clean —

A One Page Website Redesign Proposal
Visit site Toro Clean

I Make Content —

I Make Sure That The Copy Aligns With The Other Columns

Say Hello —

Want To Create Great Things Together?